Free downlaod Winamp 5.57 Pro - The Ultimate Media Player

Winamp adalah suatu media pemutar audio dan video buatan Nullsoft, yang sekarang merupakan suatu cabang Time Warner. Winamp merupakan perangkat lunak freeware atau shareware multiformat yang skinnable. Kini winamp hadir dengan versi terbarunya Winamp 5.57.
Winamp PRO 5.57 termasuk dukungan video asli termasuk dikodekan H.264 video untuk format file yang paling populer (MP4, MKV, \u0026 AVI).

Fitur terbaru Winamp 5.57

* New: MPEG-4 video support for in_mp4 & in_flv (Winamp Pro only)

* New: [in_avi] Native AVI video support (MPEG-4 = Winamp Pro only)

* New: [in_mkv] Matroska MKV video support (MPEG-4 = Winamp Pro only)

* New: [ml_addons] Browser for discovering new skins & plugins

* New: Winamp detection browser plugins for IE & Firefox

* Improved: Direct3D video rendering

* Improved: Filetype association handling on Vista & Windows 7

* Improved: New fullscreen video OSD

* Improved: Added ReplayGain Preamp control to Prefs (previously .ini only)

* Improved: VU meter (beat vis) optimizations

* Improved: [gen_ff] Multithreaded object
* Improved: [in_flac/in_vorbis] Tag support for Organization field as Publisher
* Improved: [in_flv] AAC, aacPlus & ADPCM audio support in FLV files
* Improved: [in_mp4] Support for aacPlus parametric stereo in mp4 container
* Improved: [in_nsv] Native h.264 decoding (Winamp Pro only)
* Improved: [in_wave] Unicode filename handling
* Improved: [ml_history] Play Offset feature for resuming playback of podcasts
* Improved: [ml_local] Director & Producer fields & columns for videos
* Improved: [ml_local] Row cache for NDE to vastly speed up queries
* Improved: [ml_online] Right-click option to open service in new window
* Improved: [ml_wire] feed:// pcast:// and winamp:// protocol support
* Improved: [ml_wire] Option to automatically download 'x' most recent episodes
* Improved: [ml_wire] Redesigned Podcast Directory view
* Improved: [pmp_usb] Option to set paths in saved playlists
* Improved: [vis_milk2] Milkdrop2 updated to use ns-eel2 (thanks Justin)
* Fixed: Custom mldb info reverts to filename on Alt+3 for in_dshow, flv & swf
* Fixed: HeapSetInformation not located in kernel32 error under Win2k
* Fixed: Shuffle feature broken under limited user profiles
* Fixed: [gen_ml] Bold text in Local Media views on some systems
* Fixed: [gen_tray] Compact mode not working on 64-bit OS
* Fixed: [in_flac] Playback freezing before end of some corrupted files
* Fixed: [in_flv] Sync issue where video lags behind audio on some flv files
* Fixed: [in_flv] Various h.263-related crash issues
* Fixed: [in_mod] Heap overflow security vulnerability (thanks Dyon Balding, Secunia)
* Fixed: [in_mod] Some s3m files crashing on load
* Fixed: [in_mp4] Various transcoding issues
* Fixed: [in_wm] Main window & taskbar menu blocked after closing DRM browser
* Fixed: [jpeg.w5s/png.w5s] Security vulnerability fixes (thanks Nicolas Joly, VUPEN)
* Fixed: [ml_local] Remove missing files broken in full rescan
* Fixed: [ml_wire] feeds.xml sometimes being destroyed
* Fixed: [pmp_p4s] Crashing with certain devices
* Fixed: [vis_avs] Compile issues causing some presets to not load properly or crash
* Misc: Improved Windows 7 compatibility, incl. aero thumbnail & taskbar integration
* Misc: More general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations
* Misc: New info page for lang pack developers in About Winamp dialog
* Misc: New MPEG-4 video support adds h264.w5s & mp4v.w5s
* Misc: Renamed nsvdec_vp6.dll to vp6.w5s
* Misc: Removed gen_dropbox from the installer, for now...
* Misc: Right-click to close Notifier in Bento skin
* Misc: Some keyboard accelerator fixes (new Ctrl+Alt+B for Add current to bookmarks)
* Misc: Various installer improvements (including new DirectX version checker)
* Updated: aacPlus decoder 8.2.2, encoder 8.2.0
* Updated: Gracenote CDDB/MusicID v2.6.101
* Updated: libpng 1.2.40
* Updated: [gen_jumpex] JTFE v1.0.7
* Updated: [in_vorbis] libvorbis 1.2.3 & libogg 1.1.4

Download Winamp 5.57 Pro - The Ultimate Media Player

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